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While Richard Mille considers the watch to be a "formal piece," it still has a lot of the sportiness we have come to love from the uber-luxury brand. On the wrist the watch feels light and solid - like most of their pieces. While it comes on a rubber strap, people are regularly know to switch out the straps with custom jobs. Richard Mille himself is especially known for this. I wonder what other straps options would look good on this watch? Price for it is rather high... but that is to be expect from Mr. Mille. In titanium the RM 033 is ,000, ,000 in red gold, and ,000 in white gold. So get one right away!

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Wenger showed me this pretty interesting gadget style watch that has an analog display, and a "stealth" LED display in the dial. It is their Nomad LED Compass watch, and has some interesting appeal. The basic watch without using the function is easy to read thanks to the large Arabic numerals and hands - both lume covered. The text around the dial might look a bit excessive, but makes it easy to understand what the watch does.  In addition to the time, it has a basic calendar display and a compass.

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Ah, now here is a slide-rule bezel complication that I can use. I tend to make fun of these as I am not about to do long-division or calculate fuel consumption on a tiny slide-rule, if I need to figure that stuff out at all... But this one is actually handy. This new watch for 2012 from Hamilton is the Khaki X-Patrol and it has a metric to imperial conversion scale. That would prove useful as I often travel to Europe and having no idea how far things are and how much things weigh. I am such a proud American. It isn't going to replace a calculator, but in comparison to most slide-rule bezels out there, you'll probably use this one at least once in a while.

In polished steel, the case is 35mm wide by 50mm tall. It does not feel small due to the length of the case. More refined and interesting compared to the M014, the case has well-done edges and the sides are much more interesting than the previous model. In addition to polished surfaces the sides also feature some sandblasted surfaces for a cool effect. The caseback of the watch is curved a bit for wearing comfort and the entire thing is water resistant to 50 meters.

The Shabaka watch design is a combination of Art Deco and modern Egyptian, if that latter term even makes sense. There is something very strong and architectural about the design, like a fortress on the wrist. The size of the watch is 44mm wide, I believe, but it is very tall. The many angles of the case coalesce with a dial design that is highly unique. Here, Claret went all out with rollers and discs.

I really do enjoy the design of the movement. It is very classic in form and execution with an emphasis on aesthetic and traditional decoration. On the mainspring barrel you'll find a hand-engraved "Eva Leube" logo. The question comes up for me "is it a woman's watch or a men's watch?" I don't actually know if it is either. I am inclined to place it in the "unisex" category - a category I dislike. There are three types of watches out there in my opinion. Men's watch, women's watches, and men's watches that a woman would be happy to wear. Though on occasion I have discovered a fourth category which is the always amusing "women's watch that certain men will wear."  In which does the Ari fall in to?

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Most Timex watches are 0 and under, with the majority of watches in this article being priced at under 0. Many of these are part of the Timex Originals collection or other lines that offer contemporary timepieces with a very of a retro flair. Even the ubiquitous Timex Easy Reader is getting more treatment as Timex has celebrated the king of dorky watches by offering them in new colors and materials. I never thought I'd enjoy wearing a sub-0 watch with a name called "Easy Reader" as much. My favorite is at the top of this post with the black case and tan leather strap.

Coming in two dial colors (black or white), the Sailing Collection Chronograph will come with your choice of either a metal Milanese (mesh) bracelet or a rubber strap. I like the dials a lot but wish the hands were a bit more prominent (bigger!). Price is ,795 on rubber and ,995 on the metal bracelet.

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Inside the 250 Series watch is a Swiss ETA 955.432 quartz movement. I don't think that Uniform Wares has produced a mechanical watch up until now, but they might in the future. For a two hand design I think that having a quartz movement is just fine. Overall I can easily recommend the 250 Series watch and any others from Uniform Wares if the quality of this model is telling for the entire collection. You need to be sold on the look, but I think enough people are. Price for the 250 Series watches are 0 in the European Union 0 outside of the European Union (no VAT) - and you can buy them online via their website.

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Angular Momentum 9 Dragons Collection Watches

The owner of this watch named it The Vladimir. He was able to call it whatever he liked because he custom commissioned it from Vacheron Constantin. The brand is among the few that will entertain clients who not only want custom watches, but also custom watch movements. This is part of their highly exclusive "Atelier Cabinotiers" department. Do you know what it takes to design, prototype, perfect, manufacture, finish, and test a watch movement? Usually those costs are built into some type of economy of scale. Now think of all that for just one movement. We are talking incredible prices due to all the time and effort involved. Million bucks minimum. Luckily this client didn't need to go through all of that, but Vacheron Constantin would have done it for the right price.

Back in the mid 1970s the Omega Marine Chronometer was priced very high at ,850. It was of course the only watch of its kind and pretty high-tech. Some more info on the Marine Chronometer can be found here as chronicled by the late Omega-expert Chuck Maddox. Today Omega Marine Chronometer watches are still out there. They aren't terribly expensive, but do represent an investment in terms of adding one to your collection. I personally am really drawn to this unique watch and would gladly shell out to own one. It helps that I like how it looks on my wrist as well. Thanks to the good people at the Omega Museum for letting me play with it.

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You can see more information and videos here at Perrelet's Turbine website. The Turbine Poker has a similarly toned 44mm steel case with a DLC coating. Both models feature Perrelet's P-181 double rotor automatic movements. These are fun watches, and certainly novelties. Not for everyone, but the right wrists know how to make these timepieces feel at home. Prices are about ,000 each.

La D de Dior Watch Has Amazing Colors

La D de Dior Watch Has Amazing Colors

On the wrist the Mikrogirder is big but fun looking. The dial is deceptively simple given what it does. Reading it is another story as it requires some math. Seriously. Mr. Babin himself explains it in the video that I recommend you watch to see this little guy in fast action. The mechanical automatic movement tells the time and has a chronograph that measures 5/10,000 of a second. The chronograph operates at 1000 hertz. A standard mechanical watch operates at 4 hertz. Quartz watches are in a different territory of speed, but we are talking machines here, not electronics.

cambered sapphire crystal with glareproofed interior

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Unlike the many curated tours of watch factories I am subject to, my guide at Dubois-Depraz wasn't a PR guide. He probably just spoke English a bit better than the other people there. The manufacture is operated by two of the three Dubois brothers, and it has been in the family since its inception in 1901. The component maker currently is comprised of three locations, and I got to visit the most important facility - the assembly plant.

Made in America, the Avanti 3 three is a well performing watch winder and attractive addition to a room where men can celebrate their hobbies. As watch collecting usually involves growing your collection, so does your need for winders. At a point you prefer units that wind multiple watches, and the better looking they are the more you want them. Price for the Avanti 3 is ,995. That goes up to ,995 for the Avanti 6, and way up to ,000 for the Avanti 48.

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His watch is the simply named Hajime Asaoka Tourbillon and it is a very attractive timepiece. The design is actually more architectural and art deco than it is traditionally Japanese. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but aside from the name and "Tokyo Japan" label on the dial, there isn't much to let you know this is a fine Japanese instrument.

While it is 35mm wide in size, the steel case doesn't feel that small because of its elliptical shape. It looks like a rounded rectangle making it taller than it is wide. The style of the case is heavily influenced by Patek Philippe. Much of the John Isaac design sensibility borrows from high-marks that they look up to. Patek Philippe is among them and I appreciate how the brand offers cleverly repackaged looks that still feel fresh.

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Unemployed Charlie Sheen’s Over 0,000 Patek Philippe Ref. 2438/1 Watch

Unemployed Charlie Sheen’s Over 0,000 Patek Philippe Ref. 2438/1 Watch

Visually the dial looks great. Cool looking, and easy to read (for the time that is). The multi-level dial is easy on the eyes, and the hands and numerals are easy to read. The 44mm steel case is beautiful and complex (water resistant to 100 meters), building on the classic complexity of the Type XX and XXI designs. Case has a rotating diver's style bezel and a very handsome look. Check out the two-tone crossed stitching on the leather strap. Is that fancy looking or what?