We Take A Closer Look At Two Gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI Watches

Reader's Story On His Omega Speedmaster 145.022-69 Purchase

The Infantry Mechanical's steel case measures 40 mm wide and 10.5 mm thick, making it an attractive size for most wrists, including those normally covered by a shirt cuff. Lug to lug is an easily managed 46.5 mm but the lug spacing is a rather odd 23mm. The 23mm lug width not only gives the Infantry Mechanical a rather wide stance, but also makes it more difficult to find straps. There are abundant strap options at 20, 22 and 24mm, but 23 is a fairly odd size. That said, the Infantry Mechanical includes a mesh-style bracelet and 22mm straps worked pretty well, with only a small gap between the strap and the lugs.

I know for a fact that the Visconti Abyssus watch collection is going to spark a range of polarizing opinions. No, this isn't a watch I could wear on a daily basis, but I do appreciate it for its steampunk sci-fi virtues and unrelenting dedication to being different. So the question is then, where did a design like this come from and what does it have to do with an Italian pen company? That answer goes back to Anonimo.

The purpose of this article - lest I forget - is to discuss the colorful coating options offered by Rau-Tech. There are two very important points here. First is that Rau-Tech can produce rather durable coatings in a range of never before offered colors, and second, that they can coat specific sections of metal, as opposed to entire surfaces.

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Thank You Mr. Urquhart!

Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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The UNITAS is a rather old mechanism at heart but is hardy and durable–a workhorse if there ever was one. For that reason, ETA still produces them even though it was originally designed as a pocket watch movement. It operates at 2.5 Hz (18,000 bph) and has a power reserve of 46 hours. Manually wound, it offers the time with a subsidiary seconds dial. I can think of no better movement to place inside of a retro field style tool watch. Weiss calls the movement their Caliber 1001.

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OMEGA Speedmaster Professional DD145.0022

Every story our editorial team writes on aBlogtoWatch is done because we feel there is something valuable for our audience. That may be because a writer feels strongly about something and wants to share, or we know a product is going to be popular and want to make sure people hear about it from us. We've never sat down and said "X brand is simply going to adore us for this article." Again, if that is a result of an article we are thrilled to bring positivity to someone's day, but it isn't why we do it–we don't work for the watch brands.

When it comes to cars and watches, there's a definite link. For some brands (be it car or watch) that linkage can be a bit more tenuous, and may consist of a logo swap. For the folks over at Rebellion though, they're taking it to a whole different level. For starters, they've actually got a racing team - one that raced in the Le Mans Series Championship (2011) and FIA World Endurance Trophy for Privateers (2012). This means they're used to creating high-end, precision, lightweight components for their cars. From what I can see of their latest watch, it seems their horology follows in the same footsteps.

Talk about what your absolute dream watch would be like and why that appeals to you.

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IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Day Replica Watches

Now, almost a year later we have finally gotten a chance to spend a little QT (very intimate quality time) with the same model donated for the auction – the Girard-Perregaux 1966 41mm in pink gold. Launched last year as a complement to the existing 38mm version, the new 41mm piece is a stunning addition to the 1966 collection and a worthy contender amongst the growing segment of ultra-slim, dedicated dress pieces available in precious metals.

Christie's Tests Online-Only Watch Auctions Sales & Auctions

I don't necessarily know why dive-style watches are the most common indie watches out there, but they certainly are. Watch guys love the idea of creating their own ultimate tool watch, which often takes the form of a diver. The Tempest Viking certainly epitomizes the concept of one person wanting to throw in as many ideal features as possible. There really is a lot to the Viking, and it is rather unlike much of the competition. That starts with the uniquely designed, massive 45mm wide case.

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Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 40th Anniversary And 145.012

How Kering will eventually integrate Ulysse Nardin into its present portfolio and what exact roles it will assign to it we do not yet know, but we are confident in that Ulysse Nardin will remain – and likely develop – as a strong, vertically integrated manufacturer. The deal, at this point, is also waiting for the approval of Swiss competition authorities and so the Kering Group said it expects to be able to seal the deal "during the second half of 2014". What is for certain, however, is that the brand's management will remain in place, with Patrick Hoffmann (whom Ariel interviewed last year at Baselworld) remaining as CEO of the company. ulysse-nardin.com

Finally! Colorful Coatings For Most Metals: Rau-Tech Custom Rolex And Other Watches

Finally! Colorful Coatings For Most Metals: Rau-Tech Custom Rolex And Other Watches

I wore a tanned leather Everest strap affixed to a Rolex GMT 116710 BLNR (Bleu/Noir bezel) that my favorite dealer, Fourtané, let me borrow for a week. Although I have worn Rolex watches for over 25 years, it was never with a leather strap, as I felt that any non-original strap did not compliment the watch. I quickly found that is not the case with the Everest leather strap. The Everest endlink looks at home with the brushed finish. Unlike wearing a stainless or rubber strap, a leather strap conforms to your wrist. After a week of wearing the Everest leather strap, the strap was working its way to fitting like a well worn work glove. Unlike silicon straps that stretch and give, they retain their basic shape. The Everest leather strap, on the other hand, has the same feeling of strength, like the stainless steel bracelet, but the lighter weight makes it disappear from your wrist. After wearing leather on a Rolex, I see why Rolex offers a leather option on some of their watches.

Later in the day, we were ferried over to the islands edge and began the short hike up to the men's diving area. The winding path was lined with all sorts of pointy plants and sharp rocks, just the sort of environment that must feel wholly uninviting to those clad only in a tiny speedo. Nevertheless, we trudged our more modestly-clothed bodies up to the top of Hell's Gate and looked down on the bay below. The boats are toy-sized from this height, and any of the bravado that was present at the water's edge is quickly replaced by widening eyes and cautious footsteps.

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The First Speedmaster Professional Moonphase 1985

4. 2014 Tudor Heritage Black Bay “Blue” 79220B Watch Hands-On

Inside the Cuervo y Sobrinos Historiador Racing watch is a caliber CYS 5102 automatic movement, which is a base Sellita SW200 or ETA 2824-2 automatic with a custom Cuervo y Sobrinos rotor. The Historiador watch collection has a range of nicely classic looking models with a variety of movements including three-handers and chronographs.

UTS 4000M Pacific Horizon Blue Dive Watch Watch Releases

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60 Years of Speedmaster - An Overview

The Graff Diamonds Hallucination watch holds many of these rare finds in a single timepiece. Top notch designers, gemologists, and Master Craftsman spent literally thousands of hours creating this piece of horological jewelry. The diamonds are cleverly hand fitted into the invisible platinum setting to create a multicolored bracelet heaving under the weight of its valuable load.

It is no secret that manufacturing an accurate and reliable tourbillon was–and still is–a task difficult enough to keep most brands away from making additional modifications to it. That more or less explains why we scarcely, if ever, see highly re-engineered versions of the traditional single-axis version. However, as an interesting coincidence, let's call it that, A. Lange & Söhne has just very recently debuted the 1815 Tourbillon (hands-on here) with a similar mechanism, meaning that the single-axis tourbillon of the 1815 also hacks and resets. And while you could rightfully point out that hacking is a common feature on most conventional watches (and you would be right), it is a much more challenging task to implement for a tourbillon mechanism. Here is how Grönefeld's idea works.

Over the last five or so years Bell & Ross has been "stepping back in time" by examining key eras from the past and designing watches with those themes and time periods in mind. When the WW1 collection was launched in around 2011 (hands-on here), it was a Bell & Ross homage to the first wrist watch, or in their lingo "wrist watch 1." That of course was meant to look like WWI, or "World War I," but that is when most people agree the wrist watch became a mainstream object. Though wrist watches as a product started in around 1904.

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IWC-Swiss Replica New Rattrapante for SIHH 2015

I actually asked TAG Heuer why the hands needed to have colors at all and they said it was because of their modern DNA and focus on sports. That is nice and all, but I think there is a very good argument to be made in support of creating at least one version of these specific early adopters of the CH 80 movement-based Carreras to have mostly black and white dials with out extra colors. It would be interesting to more or less recreate the classic monochromatic looks of the historic pieces in at least some form, especially given the layout of the new in-house made movement.

I recently learned that the watch brand Cuervo y Sobrinos had its own car rally. Yup, they call it the Cuervo y Sobrinos cup, and this year in July 2014, the second cup will be held, featuring a slew of vintage cars that will be driving from Milan, Italy, to Bormio over a three day period. This Cuervo y Sobrinos Historiador Racing ref. 3195.1RC14 timepiece is the official watch of the event and limited to 70 pieces for the event with another 200 pieces that can be purchased.

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on May 15, 2014 for the winner to be chosen at random.

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counterfeit rolex watches for sale

A fun little detail that I enjoy is the crown, which is placed at 2 o'clock so as to not jab into your wrist. No, that isn't the detail I am referring to. Rather that the concave look of the crystal is mimicked in the crown, which I find charming. The case overall is in polished steel and 44mm wide. This makes it a large watch, but not huge. It is certainly not trying to be a petite dress watch, but it doesn't have the look or feel of a large sport watch. Instead the Sablier Grand Cru is more of a lifestyle statement watch, which is a bit more mainstream than the "art watch."

Junghans Meister Telemeter Watch Is Going For Distance!  And Going For Speed! Watch Releases

For 2014, Swiss watch maker Artya, under the leadership of Yvan Arpa, presents a hidden knife as an option on most Artya (and Black Belt) timepieces. Part James Bond, part "I bet you didn't know I could put a knife here!," these "ardillon-style" watch strap buckles come with a small folding blade.

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