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Kivel is quick to point out mistakes that other watch repair shops are regularly guilty of. According to him it isn't a matter of honesty, but rather time and skill. Most watch makers are overworked, underpaid, and under-educated. You need the right parts and the right education. Central Watch has direct relationships with most of the big watch makers - especially Rolex, whom they have been buying parts from for decades. Kivel would love to expand and hire more watch makers, but they aren't as easy to find as one might imagine. Large brands pluck up the best people, but many like the prospects of working at a place like Central Watch.

Little titanium balls are all over the case and are inspired by African tribal items. These add a special dimension to the design and have since been copied in other watches. Double rings of beaded titanium are sandwiched on the sides of the case and also on the crown. For its time (and now), the Gefica was a large watch. It is over 19mm thick and about 47mm wide. On the wrist it sits tall, but is very comfortable thanks to the flat bottom and curved lugs. Very much an ergonomic design and the case is water resistant to 100 meters.

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Fixing a mechanical watch is not cheap. Kivel laments that their prices have had to go up over the years. "We were honestly charging too little for a long time, but we needed to raise our prices. Still, we offer a lot for the money". For your dollars, you get a solid day of work and attention from someone who sees that watch servicing is done right. It honestly isn't a short task, requiring hours of work and many steps. Unless you are talking about a very basic repair, most servicing will run several hundred to over a thousand dollars. In many instances that is still cheaper than what the brands will charge. My ongoing advice to watch lovers is that unless you have to send your watch back to the brand for repair - a good third-party repair guy (or gal) is preferred. If it wasn't for rather steep increases by Grand Central Terminal in the rent over the years - Central Watch prices would be much lower.

Why is the Supermarine 2000 being made? To be honest I don't think it has anything to do with people needing more water resistance. It likely has more to do with Bremont's own motto which is "tested beyond endurance." That brand asserts the durability and robust nature of their watches, and with 500 meters of water resistance, the original Supermarine wasn't able to compete with some alternatives from brands such as Breitling, Rolex, etc... on paper. It is true that your basic "true" diver needs only 300 meters of water resistances, but there is a strange sort of mental assurance that higher water resistance levels provide. Bremont wanted anyone who bothered asking to know that Bremont does indeed have a silly deep going dive watch. Will there be competition between the Supermarine 500 and 2000? Probably, but it will be interesting to see what sales of both are like in a few years.

That picture shows one issue with this piece, which is the lack of an anti-reflective coating on the crystal that makes the dial less visible. I know that others disagree, but personally I am a big proponent of them. I do like the travel case though. This one is super well protected and great for tossing into your carry-on luggage.

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