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None of that is to say that the watch has nothing for seasoned watch lovers. Anything but. This is no cheap trendy timepiece. RSW is a good watch maker and the Outland 3H represents that. The finish and quality of the watch are quite good, and the piece is as ergonomic as it is "fresh." Let's start by looking at the case. Large and square with bent ends that serve as lugs. The case is 44mm wide in steel with black PVD, and various version with either sand-blasted steel or rose gold mixed with the black. The lug sections each have a row of three large hex bolts that look strong and masculine. They are matched by three more under the watch. There are other screws all over the case, though not so many as to look cluttered. The industrial design of the watch is cosmetic, but feels rugged. It also helps gives the piece a very modern and aggressive look. The design idea seems to be that "watches in the future are more functional than decorative."

NOA watches are very bold but fresh feeling in their design. The men's and women's models have a grace to them that isn't common in many avant garde watches. Chalk it up to good design and an attention for detail and fine materials. At the top here are two of the brands new limited edition pieces. First is the NOA 16.75 G018 watch for Danilo Gallinari - limited to 188 pieces. The watch look great and has the signature of the Italian NBA player on the dial. A good looking piece at 44mm wide with a Swiss ETA quartz chronograph movement. Very similar is the limited edition piece to celebrate 200 years after the Mexican Revolution. This watch is limited to 200 pieces, and each piece has a unique number which corresponds to a date between 1810 and 2010. That is pretty neat, and I like the green, red, and white tones of the watch to celebrate the Mexican flag. Other limited edition pieces for 2010 is a model of 100 pieces to celebrate Joe Girardi, the manager of the New York Yankees (pretty cool watch for Yankees fans actually), and a limited edition of 250 pieces for the Venezuelan market - with colors of their flag.

Powering the watch is a Japanese Miyota 8245 automatic movement that offers hand-winding (not something to take for granted in all Japanese automatic movements). The 24mm wide watch strap is a thicker leather, with a wrinkled texture on it and white stitching. I like the "mini Panerai" style buckle with the Praesto name engraved on it. In my opinion the strap is a better fit with the two other versions of the Modern Aviator - as it also comes in a black dial or black dial with PVD black case version. For the blue dial, I am considering what other straps might look good with the watch. I am thinking about a blue rubber strap that will match the modern sportiness (and color) of the dial more.

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If you look closely that the new Bulgari watch in comparison to the older model you can tell that the design differences are minor. Most notable is the ceramic bezel with its "bolts," dial changes, and the new strap. The new strap is my favorite part actually. It is a textured rubber done in a segmented style, with a steel folding clasp. The dial design has taken a less art deco theme, and is more Bulgari in tone, but still feels very much the same. Even the hands are the same. I expect future models to stray a bit more from the Gerald Genta classic.

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Here we also see the timepiece worn by likely future US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. Nominated by Obama, I believe she is currently going through the trials of being approved. I haven't really kept up to date on the progress of her approval, but I am interested in her watch. While no Supreme Court Justice that I can remember is know for being particularly lavish with their watches, I have a feeling that at least a few of them have some fancy watches underneath their robes. Us lawyers have a penchant for loving fine timepieces. As an educator, Kagan has a standard "nice watch." She is seen wearing her less-than-uncommon gold plated ladies Movado Museum piece on a leather strap. While the exact model number is going to be tough to detect as Movado frequently changes these watches even though they often look almost the same, we know the basic model. Click here for a listing on of this style Movado Museum watch for women. So what does a watch like this say about Elena? Well not too much actually. Worn by legions of people all over the world, this is sort of a nice watch for people who don't know better. The prudent Kagan perhaps isn't into the idea of luxury watches in her life. Either she has rejected the concept, or just hasn't discovered fine timepieces yet. The Movado Museum face is a watch that blends in better than a basic Seiko. People know it, but they are so common, it is hard to apply a character trait to anyone who might wear them. This is Movado's bread and butter, and likely a stepping stone timepiece to nicer things. At the same time, Kagan put the piece on for a formal photo shoot. She doesn't want attention called to her wrist, so wearing it might have been purely intentional.

Nicky Hayden is a young, American, star motorcycle racer. Lately doing the MotoGP circuit. His lucky number 69 with star logo will be placed on the caseback of the watch, and red and black are "his colors " (especially red). I will be seeing Mr. Hayden soon, and will surely be checking out his timepiece and asking a few questions. The Tissot T-Race Nicky Hayden watch comes in a motorcycle helmet style box that is quite cool. Great - another watch you simply can't throw away. Price for the watch is 590 euros in Europe - though I think the US price will be less.

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TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Watches Review

Each watch has an interesting and often clean looking dial. The hands on each are quite easy to read as well, often due to high contrast. Without hour markers not all of the watches are a breeze to read, but these are more art type watches that serve to tell the time - and they look pretty cool while doing so. Liking the Volnatomic collection doesn't come naturally to everyone. Fans of the designs like the watches the say way you like a tattoo. You either just want one or you don't. It is sometimes hard to explain why. Yvan has a way of making things that look simple, but no one else has done it. While his creations don't emanate "complexity" they aren't obvious either.

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The end of the month is almost here and you have just a bit more time to enter for a chance to win one of two beautiful mechanical chronograph watches from Marvin. Your choice of their 103 or 107 models. Retail priced at about ,800 each.

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2. Similar language, only regarding the timepiece's warranty information along with legal notices.

LUM-TEC lovers rejoice, this month you have a chance to win one of LUM-TEC's very popular Combat B series watches. This is the limited edition B15 Chronograph, with a 43mm wide bead-blasted steel case and a real carbon fiber dial. A pilot watch at heart, it comes with a sturdy NATO style strap, and a very easy to read dial. LUM-TEC of course gives the watch their famous MDV luminant that works very well I must say. Visibility is further enhanced by anti-reflective (AR) coating on both sides of the sapphire crystal.

When I first saw the Invention Piece # 3 I didn't like. It rather bored me, and I felt like Greubel Forsey was doing a lot of the same. I still think there is a very close cohesion between their watches, but seeing the pieces in person allows them to be appreciated in a way that mere marketing images pathetically fail at. First, being as expensive as they are, Greubel Forsey watches are meticulously decorated and use really nice materials. The Invention Piece # 3 will have 11 pieces in white gold, 11 pieces in rose gold, and 11 pieces in platinum. Aside form the quality finishing, this piece has a good level of symmetry in the arrangement of the dials. Similar in balance to the Vianney Halter Antiqua timepiece. You see what I mean? The bulges in the case assist with that comparison.

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Looking at the design you might think Omega Speedmaster mixed with Chanel or Bulgari. Actually, Storm is "borrowing" the exact dial design of a watch I previously wrote about - which is the Chronograph Suisse Mangusta Super Meccanica Stupenda watch. The Chronograph Suisse uses a different type of case, and is well... a chronograph, but you can easily see the similarity right? Storm chose a good design from a less-than-well-know brand, and helped make it more affordable. That watch from Chronograph Suisse isn't available for much under ,000. The Storm Caspa goes for just over 0. This practice of a less expensive brand using the design of a higher-end brand occurs daily in the watch industry and isn't really something anyone even turns their head for (and sometimes the opposite occurs as well!).

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Oscillating weight Dedicated Sotirio Bulgari cut-out; snailed decoration

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Cartier makes the MC 9451 movement entirely in-house. It is manually wound with about 48 hours of power reserve. It is actually quite efficient having under 200 parts. To have the special type of tourbillon be balanced it has a counterweight (not visible) that is in platinum. To have space for the complication, the case is thicker (but not too thick) and 47mm wide in 18k white or pink gold. The large case looks really nice on the wrist in Cartier's usual smooth and polished fashion.

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So what is this all about? Well the first planned watch from the new VicenTerra brand is the GMT-3. Large and tonneau cased, it will sport a steel case (not sure about the size) with a uniquely modified Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement. The modifications will give it the time, retrograde date display, second time zone in GMT format, a day/night indication disc at the top of the dial, and a rotating globe that is meant to have the "lit" side of the Earth facing the dial. There are pushers all over the case to operate the various functions. Seems elegant enough given the good quality base movement.

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